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External Links:

More links being added as time goes on, but here's a few to start with...

Music Similarities/Influences...

Cassetteboy Embracing the joys of editing
Coldcut The original DJ/producers
Depth Charge Martial arts enduced beats
EBN Video activists aided by music
Hexstatic Music & visuals get the cutup treatment
Matmos Hard working electronic manipulators
Meat Beat Manifesto Beats from the darkside
Negativland Sonic manipulations & anti-copyright activists
Osymyso Bootleggin & cutup producer
PP Roy Fun-loving breakbeats & cutups
Prefuse 73 Fragmented beats & electronica
SCW God, family, country & music activism
Si Begg All-round music noodler
Steinski Cutup samples & beats pioneer
The Rip Off Artist Masterful electronic manipulations
V/Vm The end of the musical line
Wayne Butane Sound collagist with a lot of free time!
Wevie Stonder Silly electronic music wanderings

Record Labels...

Active Suspension Innovative eclectic music
Anticon Dispersing unstable hip hop
Bip-Hop Challenging the ears & mind
Big Dada Hip Hop/Beats endorsed by Ninja HQ
City Centre Offices Assorted electronica
C0C0S0L1DC1T1 Experimental label for sound & video artists
Expanding Contemporary non-vocal electronica
Inflatabl The Rip Off Artist & Co
Leaf Label Eclectic organic music produce
Lex Warp Record's Hip Hop & Beats offshoot
Music For Speakers Electro-jazzfunk Dutch style
Ninja Tune Eclectic beats zentertainment
Noodles Si Begg's fun-loving & disco friendly label
Pause 2 UK based quality electronic label
Planet Mu Mike Paradinas' eclectic electronica label
Plug Research Further insights using electronic music
Rephlex Get your brain dancing!
Skam Quality electronic music
Toytronic Electronica at its finest
Tigerbeat6 Eclectic electronica by no rules!
Warp Innovative electronica since the 80's

Alt Culture...

Adbusters Media-jamming activists & commentators Recycled pop culture
Disinfo Nation Conspiracy theorists ahoy!
EFF Defending freedom in the digital age
Hour Of Slack The Church Of The Subgenius preaching the gospel of slack
Michael Moore Exposing the hipocracy, greed & general disregard of idiots in power
Modern Television Archived clips for your convenience
Noam Chomsky Political dissident & renouned linguist
Pirate Radio Survival Guide Don't hate the media...become the media!
®™Ark Corporate consulting for the 21st century
TV Go Home Alternative TV viewing
Why Work? Rethinking the work ethic


Sónar Electronic music & arts festival, Barcelona
More Good Music...

Akufen Fragmented 'microhouse'
Amon Tobin Sampling the outer limits of jazz & breaks
Aphex Twin Intricute electronic music pioneer
Boom Bip Hip hop beats handyman
Cex Half man, half human
Cursor Minor Twisted digipop funkmind extrordinaire
Dsico That no-talent hack
Eddie Def Cutup & playful turntablism
EU Consistantly good electronic music
Felix Laband Well travelled electronic beats
Herbaliser Hip hop/breaks from Ninja HQ
Kid606 Experimental electronica manipulator
Machine Drum Fragmented beats & electronica
Mr Projectile Intricute electronica
Odd Nosdam Lo-fi beats, tape hiss & fun
Plaid Electronic music innovators
Safety Scissors Electronica with attention to detail
Sage Francis Modern hip hop poetry
Scanner Electronic soundscapes innovator
Squarepusher Experimental electronic manipulator
Syntetika Emotive electronica from St Petersburg
Small Rocks Cutup electronic noodlings
The Button Collage/cutup artists
Tipsy Playful modern music


Boomkat Online electronic music stockist
Creative Commons Flexible copyright for creative work
Disquiet Electronic music e-newsletter
Discogs Electronic music database
Get Your Bootleg On Bootleggers forums
Harmony Central Homemade music info
Hyperreal Electronic music resource/archive
MP3 Offshore P2P and MP3 file sharing info
Smallfish London-based online record shop
Sound On Sound Music recording articles
The Wire Modern music magazine
Tweakheadz Articles for electronic musicians

Regional: Ireland...

2BiT Elektro d&b for your ears & ass!
Alphabet Set
Electronic label

Drum & bass collective
Bodytonic Club promoters & DJ collective
cFour Electronic label
ChoiceCuts Hip-hop collective
CJC Experimental soundscapes
D1 Recordings Techno label
DEAF Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
Earsugar Indie/electronica label
Electric City Techno/Electro/House promoters
Electronic Ireland Electronic music resource
Electrotoxic DJ/Producer collective
Elusive Electronic label
Front End Synthetics Electronic label
Hip Hop Ireland Info on hip-hop scene
Invisible Agent Music promoters & label
Irish Drum & Bass Info on D&B scene
Irish Hip Hop Hip-hop: home & abroad
ItIsOn Productions VJing & visual remixing
Mantua Festival Electronic music gathering
Matthew Devereux Dublin-based electronica
Minimise Electronic label
Power FM Dance/electronic radio station

Psychonavigation Electronic label
Risc Electronic label
SeedyR Electronic label


Friendchip Interactive sound and image toys
Kaliber 10000 Feed your creative mind

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