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After slight remastering & cover designs, the 1st two volumes in the 'Thinknology Mix Series' are available again. Compiled onto two mp3 CD's 'Thinknology 1' (Digital Mixes 1-10) & 'Thinknology 2' (Slow Spin Mixes 1-20) both contain 10 hours of mixes by ThinkToy. Details on how to order these mp3 CD's can be found here.

[Preview current 'Thinknology' mixes here]

'ThinkToy' began as an experimental music project centred around mixing fragmented media & music samples for the purpose of finding new ways to use music for positive change, general mental reflection or just plain stupid fun. ThinkToy adopts a Fair Use approach to music-making.

In 2000 the name 'ThinkToy' carried over to the DJ work and now both fields of work continue in parallel with each other. This website should reflect that as time goes on.
Within his DJ sets ThinkToy favours many eclectic music styles: anything from ambient electronica, jazzfunk & hip-hop to uptempo breaks & distorted electro...even the occassional audio book! To get a flavour of the DJ sets check the weekly 'Thinknology' mixes & podcasts here. Over 30 hours of mixes available at any one time.
Thinknology Mixes & Podcasts:

'Thinknology' is the name given to ThinkToy's various series of music mixes for radio, broadcast each Saturday night on Spin 103.8 FM & monthly on RTÉ 2FM, Ireland. Other mixes are syndicated on various stations around the globe. These mixes are archived on the website each week & available here for free download. To make it easier to keep updated these mixes are now also available in the form of a weekly podcast.

- Stream 30 hours of mixes
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ThinkToy's 2nd series of mp3 mix CD's...